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Nursery List!

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

The first few days of your baby’s life involve a lot of address changes! Bouncing from the womb to the hospital room to their new home has a lot of moving parts which makes taking the time to prepare your baby’s space even more important. We at mumlists believe that in the earlier months your bedroom is the perfect room for your newborn as they will need you more than anything else. Also, the close proximity makes night-time feedings easier and, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, can reduce the chance of SIDS by up to 50%. While we strongly recommend co-sleeping, the decision of where your baby sleeps is yours and yours alone. The bond between you and your baby will not change!

Getting your nursery ready for baby can be overwhelming. The best way to approach it is by categorizing the essentials of your newborn’s daily schedule and requirements into the following categories:

We also have a separate blog post detailing out each category listed below.

Nursing/Feeding (Click here for a detailed list)

1. Glider or another comfortable chair

2. Nursing pillow

3. Breast pads

4. Nipple cream

5. Burp cloths

6. Bottles

7. Bottle warmer – Keeping an extra one in your nursery can save you a drowsy trip across the house.

8. Small fridge – (optional) This can be a great tool to keep breast milk or pre-made bottles in your nursery so, even if you’re breastfeeding, your partner can help with midnight feedings too

(Click here for a detailed list)

Diaper Changes (Click here for a detailed list)

1. A changing station – This can be a changing table, but using the top of a dresser gives you plenty of storage and a multi-functional piece of furniture in a tight space.

2. Changing pad

3. Wipes

4. Wipes warmer

5. Clean diapers

6. Diaper disposal bin

7. Diaper cream

8. Diaper caddy to store all the diapering essentials.

Sleeping (Click here for a detailed list)

1. Crib or a bassinet

2. Crib mattress

3. Crib side protectors

4. Tight-fitting sheets

5. Blackout curtains

6. White noise machine

7. Night lamp

Medical Needs & Safety (Click here for a detailed list)

1. A First Aid kit

2. Video monitor – Make sure to test that your video monitor reaches all corners of the room.

3. Nasal aspirator