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Baby Proof Home List

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

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Let's dive into our topic!

When your bring you baby home, all of sudden you start to noticing how danger lurks around every corner of your home. Sharp edges, loose knickknacks, and slamming drawers – oh my! What many parents don't know is that now on the where ever you go the first thing that will come to your mind is you child's safety whether he/she is a newborn or a crawling baby or a toddler or a teenager!

Safety starts from day one. Here what you need all along the way :

1. Baby Monitors.

Nowadays, they make baby monitors that allow you to watch a live video feed of your baby directly on your phone. A good baby monitor will allow you to step away from your child to complete tasks while still being able to see or hear your little one wake up. There are some that come with a video screen and some work with your smartphone and are Alexa/ Google home enabled.

Find more about the BEST BABY MONITORS OF 2022 here.

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2. Night Light

You’re going to be taking a lot of midnight walks down your hallway. Line your walls with night lights so you have enough of a guide to move around safely without having to wake up the whole house with a harsh overhead light.

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3. Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors: