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Baby Clothes Lists For Beginners!

Adorable baby outfits are often your very first purchase when you find out you’re expecting. The teeny socks and fun prints are almost irresistible. Baby clothing comes in every size, shape, color, and fastener. You will get overwhelmed with the different names and assorted types of baby clothes for sure. Here is our well researched - best for diaper changes, midnight feedings, traveling, and so on list of clothes.

Lets drive in to this comprehensive list of Baby Fashion:

TYPES - The Building Blocks of a Wee Wardrobe!

1. Bodysuits/ Onesie: Or as Geber trademarked them “onesies”. These are probably the baby clothing item you are most familiar with. A bodysuit is a one-piece item that fastens below the diaper to prevent your baby’s shirt from riding up. You can find bodysuits in almost every color, pattern, and print!

2. Creepers/ Snap Suit: A bodysuits/ onesie with snaps all the way up the front of the chest. These are very helpful to dress up a newborn easily.

3. Footies: Footies are very similar to bodysuits; however, they also are long enough to cover your baby’s legs and feet. I liked to use these as pajamas – especially the ones with snap fasteners for speedy nighttime diaper changes!

4. jumpsuits: Just like the adult jumpsuits a similar footless full bodysuit is referred to as baby jumpsuits.

3. Rompers: Rompers offer all the convenience of a jumpsuit, but with shorts instead of full-length pants for the stylish summer baby.

4. Overalls: These are the classic, fisherman-style one-pieces. They’re also gender-neutral! Osh Kosh B’Gosh and Janie & Jack have great collections of these overalls.

5. Separates: Just like your wardrobe, you can have separates for your baby. Top options include shirts, polos, t-shirt, tanks, and kimono tops. Kimono tops are especially useful for newborns since they tie at your baby’s side and prevent putting additional pressure on umbilical cord stumps. For bottoms, there are pants, jeans, shorts, skirts, tights, and leggings.

6. Frocks & Bloomers – Commonly seen on little girls, bloomers are decorative underpants used to cover a diaper when wearing a dress.

7. Sleeping Gowns & Sacks: Sleep sacks come in a variety of styles. They are meant to mimic swaddling and help your baby transition from a swaddle to pajamas. You’ll see most sleep sacks have sleeves and a rounded bottom to zip your baby’s feet in. They may also have Velcro “wings” to wrap around your baby. Many parents like to opt for a zipper or magnetic fasteners so they aren’t fumbling with small snaps during midnight diaper changes.

8. Accessories – What is a wardrobe without accessories? Common baby accessories are socks, booties, mittens, gloves, beanies, and caps. I used the cap the hospital gave us until my son was big enough to fit in a cap with ear flaps to keep him extra warm.

9. Outerwear: Babies are especially sensitive to the cold! Make sure to stock up on sweatshirts, jackets, sweaters, and a snow coat. If your baby is due in the spring or summer, make sure to think ahead to how old they will be come winter so you buy the appropriate size.

10. Blankets: Blankets range from swaddle blankets for newborns to regular blankets for infants. There are also wearable bla

nkets, similar to sleep sacks, for nighttime. Wearable blankets also come with legs to keep your baby’s feet free. I recommend using a blanket that is one or two sizes bigger than you need since they can shrink in your washing machine.

11. Layette: “Layette” is a term used to describe the complete collection of all essential clothing and accessories for a newborn.

Let’s Go Shopping!

Hopefully, this list has helped you decode the clothes which types and for what use. We recommend getting a variety of options. Finally, when it comes to determining how much clothing to buy, remember it’s almost impossible to know! Your baby may grow out of newborn sizes faster than you can use all of your newborn-sized outfits. Use your best judgment to determine approximately how old your baby will be during each season so you have plenty of weather-appropriate options ready to go. Your baby’s clothing is a great place to express your creativity but of course, your baby will look precious is anything! Happy Shopping!

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