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Kids Chores List

Updated: Dec 24, 2021

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Let's dive into our topic!

How is it possible that the little baby that relied on you for everything has suddenly become a tiny independent human capable of dressing, feeding, and entertaining themselves?

It may be tempting to keep them little for a just little longer, but it is also our responsibility as parents to teach them to be productive, polite adults. There is no golden rule book for parenting, and there are guaranteed to be bumps along the way. Luckily, we can serve as a community of parents to learn from each other’s triumphs and failures.

Want to know how to help your kids mature? Give them Chores. Assigning chores to your children may seem like you have ulterior motives, but it is an exceptional way to teach them responsibility and even gratitude. First and foremost, consider which chores your children are capable of completing at their ages. As awesome as it would be to see your toddler do a load of laundry, we need to set realistic expectations. Take the time to teach your child the correct way to complete a task. Younger children can start by picking up their toys and putting dirty clothes in the hamper. Eventually, they can graduate to more complex tasks such as washing dishes and yard work.

Chore Chart/ Games are great motivators for kids to get helping around the house. On our mumlists app we have these chore lists in editable PDFs. You can print or checkoff the tasks in the app itself.

Here is the list of some Chore Charts that we love:

1. I did it - Kids Behavior Reward Chart by learn & climb on amazon.


2. Melissa & Doug Magnetic Responsibility Chart


3. HouseCraft Reward Chart

Now lets take a quick look for chores your kids can do age wise:

Age 4 to 6

1. Clean up toys

2. Fold their blankets

3. Watering house plants

3. Help set the dinning table

4. Help carry light weight grocery bags

5. Unload dishwasher

6. Unload laundry

7. Clean up after themselves.

Age 6 to 10

1. Make their beds

2. Load dishwasher

3. Load laundry

4. Fold clothes

5. Wiping down countertops

6. Feeding your pets

Age 10 +

1. Mopping

2. Vacuuming

3. Cleaning