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Repurposing Your Nursery Furniture

You spend weeks carefully curating every piece in your nursery. You lovingly fold each piece of clothing and tediously stock your shelves. Your nursery is a work of art and a labor of love. However, there comes a day when your baby is out of diapers and sleeping in their big kid beds, and your giant pieces of furniture are collecting dust.

Now, you’re stuck thinking, “It sure would be a waste to get rid of all of this good furniture, wouldn’t it?”. You may think there is only one way to use a crib or that your changing table will only ever be a changing table. Luckily, we’re here with fresh ideas on how to repurpose all of your nursery room furniture! You may even be surprised at how many ways a changing table – yes, the changing table! – can spruce up the rest of your décor. We have compiled a list of our favorite ways we have seen nursery pieces refurnished, and hopefully, it inspires your own creativity. Just because it’s traditional time is done does not mean it’s time to toss it in the trash! A quick coat of paint and some ingenuity can breathe a second life into your seemingly siloed pieces.

From Changing Table to Coffee Cart

Initially, changing tables are not always the most aesthetic pieces of furniture in your home, but they do serve their purpose. They are sturdy and provide loads of storage. Changing tables are the perfect size to slip into the nooks and crannies of your home that cannot fit a full-sized table but are currently not being used to their full potential!

One of our favorite upcycles involves turning your changing table into a coffee cart. Flex your creative muscles by giving it a fresh coat of paint to pop in its new spot. Afterward, you are ready to decorate it to your latte-loving heart’s content. Display your coffee maker on the top for quick cups throughout the day and arrange your syrups so your guests can mix their favorite flavor combinations. The extra storage space that once held diapers and wipes is the perfect size for stowing away stirrers, mugs, and to-go cups.

Now, you can clear the clutter off of your countertops and make your home your new favorite coffee shop!

Turn Your Crib into a Reading Nook

Cribs are tricky. Due to their unique shape, it is difficult to imagine them for anything other than sleep! However, they say you should think outside of the box, and for this next project, we started thinking outside of the crib. There is nothing that compares to curling up and getting lost in a book. That is why you need the perfect spot to do it! We love the idea of upcycling your crib into a reading nook to make sure you are getting extra years out of your investment.

Most cribs have a side that lowers down to make it easier to get your child in and out of it without having to lift them. Remove that edge so your crib is walled in on three sides. Next, reinforce the bottom of the crib with a piece of plywood. Now that the crib can effortlessly support your weight, cut a piece of lush foam and hot glue it to the crib's base. Pick your favorite fabric and use a staple gun to upholster the foam. Suddenly, you have a decadently comfortable, oversized seat to steal away to with your favorite book. What was once your baby’s sanctuary is now yours!

From Diapers to Designers

Now that your baby is on the go, chances are they have started getting into everything – literally, everything. The best way to keep them out of trouble and continue exploring the world is through hobbies! Kids especially love arts and crafts where they are able to express themselves and maybe get their hands a little dirty in the process.

Changing tables are the perfect shells for craft carts. Their bountiful storage will hold all of your paper, paints, and pencils in one designated spot. Plus, the flat top can double as a workspace that you already know is durable and easy to clean. To upgrade your craft cart a step further, pick up a set of wheels at your local home improvement store and attach them to the bottom corners. Now, you have a piece that can glide from place to place so your kids can enjoy art class wherever they feel most inspired that day!

Early Entrepreneurs

This final project can be done with almost any piece of furniture in your nursery, from cribs to changing tables to end tables and more. As your child grows out of their nursery, one of the first things they learn to play is pretend. They want to mimic the actions they are seeing in the world around them. Your old furniture can become their new kitchens, grocery stores, workbenches, and lemonade stands. There is no need to buy new sets that will set you back hundreds and take up even more space in your house when you already have quality furniture and a never-ending imagination to work with! Pinpoint the scenarios you see your child most excited about. Do they love to hear the groceries being rung up and bagged? A toy register mounted on top of an old end table can help them play cashier to your customer. Does your child want to watch you cook every meal but isn’t quite ready to handle the cutting board yet? An old end table and some cooking utensils from the dollar store let them take part and learn valuable hand-eye coordination in their own, safe kitchen. Finally, the best part of this project is as your child’s interests change, so can this piece! Are they over playing carpenter on their “workbench”? With a simple tablecloth and homemade sign, that workbench can now be a lemonade stand! The options are endless and ever-changing. Upcycling your furniture is one of the simplest yet most effective ways to get the most money out of the quality pieces of furniture in your nursery.

Did these ideas get your creativity flowing? Do you have an excellent idea for a fresh way to use your old furniture? Make sure to comment below on your plans for your next DIY project!

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