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Toddler Tooth Toolbox

Updated: Dec 24, 2021

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Let's dive into our topic!

Once you survive teething and the baby turns in to a toddler it is time to teach him/her to be the champion of their own oral hygiene. Establishing good habits while they are young sets them up for lifelong success. With proper oral hygiene being at the root of everything from heart disease to self-esteem, it is essential to have your toddler take care of their teeth. You can paint this as another significant step in being a big boy or girl and give them this responsibility. However, here are some tools to set them up for success:

1. Tooth brush

As baby is in toddler years, it is a good idea to get them their own toothbrush. There are several brands out there with plenty of cute options. Try a couple to keep your baby's interest going. Little hands need little toothbrushes. This size is also advantageous for getting in all of the nooks and crannies of their little mouths. Let them pick out a toothbrush that excites them, whether it has their favorite characters or even music; this will help motivate them to brush their teeth morning and night.


2. Fluoride free toothpaste

Pediatrician recommends using a fluoride free toothpaste until you toddler grows in to a little kid and know how not to swallow their paste.


3. Rising cups

As you teach your little one to clean their teeth's, don't forget to capture all those rinsing disasters which are followed by endless giggles in your bathroom. Some wonderful memories down the road to look back upon.


4. Step Stool

This will be in use for quite few years. It will be an essential buy as your baby turn into a toddler. Add it to your list!


5. Tap attachment

Coming in every fun shape and size from whales to ducks, a tap attachment is a fun touch to a tooth brushing routine while also making it easier for your child to reach the water without you.


6· Visual Aids

Laminate helpful visuals for your child and hang them on the mirror in your bathroom. These aids can cover everything from proper brushing techniques to a chart where they can mark off every time they brush so you can ensure they are staying on top of it. Also the 2 minute hour glass is also a great tool keep your little one brush their teeth completely.