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Every mom's maternity journey is unique, and so is her baby. We are not medical providers or professional experts. We intend to provide helpful content. If you are concerned about your situation, please seek medical or professional advice. Our product recommendations are based on our editorial preferences. Prices and availability are accurate at the time of publishing and are subject to change. The product links are affiliate links from brands and companies from Amazon Associates, Shareasale, Commission Junction, and other affiliate marketing sites. The affiliate link means if you purchase through these links, we may earn a small percentage as a commission that only means that it will help us to bring more helpful content your way. It does not result in additional charges to you. It does not cost you anything extra to shop through these links. 

Similarly, advertisements you see in the header, footer, or sidebar sections of our site are from Google AdSense. Again they cost you no additional charge if you click on them. The blog intends to closely match the FTC guidelines (US-based), which can change anytime. If you are located in any other country, they may still apply to you as a reader. We encourage you to act as per these guidelines or adhere to similar local guidelines.

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