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Teething Supplies Lists

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Once you notice your baby is starting to teeth, it is best to stock up on supplies that can help ease your baby’s discomfort and make this a smoother time for all members of your family.



Teething gel is applied directly to your baby’s gums and acts as a numbing pain relief. Teething gel can be a lifesaver, but the American Academy of Pediatrics urges you to check your teething gel for the presence of benzocaine, as it can be harmful to babies.

Now that your baby has teeth, we need to care for them the same we care for our own. Finger brushes slip on your fingertips and help you quickly and efficiently brush your baby’s new pearly whites.

Teethers come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. These are toys designed for your baby to gnaw on, which can help relieve sore and achy gums. You could invest in teething rings made out of materials such as silicone, plastic, rubber, and even wood.

Since your baby’s mouth is in so much pain, feeding time can be a terror. Nowadays, there are specially designed feeders that look like teething rings or even popsicles with mesh tops. You can spoon soft, pureed food into the compartment, and your baby will be able to get fed while still gnawing on their toy.

You can opt for these tooth and gum wipes to maintain oral hygiene until your baby has grown all her teeth.


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