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Stroller Accessories

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

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Let's dive into our topic!

Now that you have decided on a type of stroller, you can start adding on your bonus features. Remember that most of the accessories will have to purchased from the same brand as of your stroller to make sure it fits perfectly. Seldom you will have accessories such as hooks, storage bags, rain shield etc. that do not need special attachments and can go with a variety of strollers. Below are some sweet extras that could come in handy as you and your baby are out in the town.

1. Sun canopies

These are the collapsible “hoods” you see on strollers. These can be pulled forward to help shield your baby from the sun and in some cases rain. Some options even have built-in SPF for extra protection.


2. Rain Shield

Just like the sun canopy, these rain shield helps when it suddenly starts to rain when you are on a stroll.

180 reversible stroller weather shield - Ergobaby


3. Storage accessory

Whether it’s an area you can pack an arsenal into or just somewhere to toss your diaper bag while you are at the park, having a bit of storage available always comes in handy!