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Gender Reveal Ideas

Updated: Dec 24, 2021

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Let's dive into our topic!

You anxiously counted down the days until your anatomy scan. You watched as your stone-faced ultrasound technician scribbled down the sex of your baby and carefully sealed it in an envelope. AND NOW YOU CAN'T WAIT TO FIND OUT!

Gender Reveal Party - we have already seen the popping balloons and the drawn-out cake cutting. If you are looking for something new for your party, check out our top 5 unique ideas for a gender reveal.

1. The Human Canvas

We would only recommend this idea if you are hosting your gender reveal outdoors as, well, it gets just a tad messy.

What you need?

2. Paint ( pink or blue, of course)

3. Canvas or white shirts

4. Blindfold


1. Fill up your water guns with the color of the gender. A pro tip, water down the paint, so it is thin enough to squirt out of the gun.

2. Have the parents-to-be wear a white shirt ( better do it in the end after pretty pictures have been taken) OR set up a big canvas.

3. When it comes time for the grand reveal, give your guest the color-filled water gun and let them go wild to spray on the parents to be or have the parents spray on each other!

4. If using a canvas, let the parents splatter the canvas with a gun and reveal the gender for everyone. Parents will be able to hang this canvas in the nursery to commemorate the excitement of that moment.

If the paint is a bit too messy for your taste, you can always swap it out with cans of silly string! You get the same chaotic fun with a much faster clean-up.


2. Homerun, Touchdown, Slam Dunk

If you are a sports fanatic, this is the gender reveal for you. You can now include your favorite pastime into one of the most exciting moments of your life. Whether you are a football fanatic or a golf pro, there is an option for you. Check out this AMAZON to order your sports ball.

What do you need?


1. Have your friends and family gather around while you dunk, hit, or spike your ball. On contact, the ball will explode into a cloud of color, revealing the gender of your baby! After your ESPN Top 10 moment, you can celebrate like you are going to Disney World.


3. Piñata Fiesta

Everyone knows a party is infinitely more fun when a piñata is involved. It also helps build the suspense as the crowd wonders if this swing will break the pinata or if it's another tease.

What do you need?

1. Piñata- You can find a piñata in almost any size, shape, and color to fit your party's theme.

2. Pack it full of confetti, glitter, streamers, and candy in the corresponding color of the baby's gender.


1. Let each guest hit the piñata. Start with someone you know will miss!

You get to double down on the excitement as the first cheer is for busting open the piñata, and the second is for finally finding out the gender! Make sure to have a photographer on hand to catch some pretty frame-worthy action shots.




4. Seasonal Surprises

Check the calendar and see if your gender reveal falls near any holidays (even the small ones!). Incorporating a holiday allows your guests to get involved.

1. Christmas:

A December gender reveal can involve an ugly Christmas sweater party where a Christmas tree gets lit up in strands of blue or pink lights.

2. Independence Day:

On the Fourth of July, you can set off pink or fireworks for a grand reveal.

3. Halloween:

If you are a Halloween buff, consider having a smoke cannon flood out of a jack-o-lantern during a costume party.

There is no shortage of holidays, plus it takes a lot of guessing out when planning themes and decorations.


5. Long Distance Ducks

Quarantine saw us canceling most of our scheduled events. Weddings were postponed, and baby showers went virtual. Even as COVID-19 begins to ease away, it is not always possible to have all of your loved ones together in one spot. Luckily, you do not need to sacrifice the excitement of a gender reveal.

These bath bombs are a perfect way to include your long-distance crew. Have these tiny balls delivered to your friends and family and set up a time for a virtual meeting with everyone for the big reveal. You could even extend the fun by having each party record their reactions as they watch the duck dissolve into a colorful pool and or record the meeting yourself. Compile each reaction video so your little one can look back at how excited everyone was to meet them.


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