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Baby Shower Games!

Updated: Dec 25, 2021

Whether you are hosting or the guest of honor, everyone wants to throw the best baby shower their friends and family have ever seen.

You have spent hours combing over themes. You painstakingly assembled every decoration. You have been baking or ordering for hours. You have the space absolutely perfect for when guests arrive, but what about after they get there?

Having activities planned for the baby shower ensures all of your guests get involved! We have something for everyone – from the shy ones to those who want to be in the center of everything. Think of including a range of activities so you can include all personalities. Also, get creative with prizes; from bouquets of fresh flowers to the always-safe gift card, you will be amazed at how much more competitive your guests get when a reward is on the line! Here are 5 best of our choices:

1. Guess Who: Mom or Dad?

This activity is a great one to test how well your guests truly know the parents-to-be. Prepare a list of questions before the shower, such as “who will change more diapers?” and “who will be the stricter parent?” You can either make your own sheets or use one of these adorable pre-made sheets on Amazon. Have the parents-to-be fill out their answers. Then, at the party, have your guests answer the questions for themselves. After everyone finishes, ask for a show of hands for who voted for mom or dad for each question before revealing the correct answer. After you move through all questions, have guests announce their final score. The guest who answered the most questions correctly wins!

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2. Pregnant Relay Race

Now it is time to get your attendees out of their chairs and moving around. This game is especially entertaining if you have male guests.

What you need:

1. Balloons or or get a few big, plastic balls to simulate the mama-to-be’s baby bump.

2. Some cones or other items to pick up like ping pong balls, cups, socks etc.

3. Prize or a reward for the winner.


1. Blow up balloons

2. Break up your attendees into small teams.

3. One by one, each member of the team will slip the balloon or ball under their shirts and then work their way through an obstacle course.

4. Have them weave a stroller through a maze of cones, bend over to pick up ping pong balls out of the grass, and even sprint back to their teammates after strapping on a diaper bag.

5. After each team member finishes their leg, they hand off the balloon or ball to their next teammate who begins the course themselves.

6. The first team to have all of their members successfully finish the course without dropping their “pregnancy bellies” is your winner!

3. Fake Lottery Tickets - Pregnancy Announcement

You can buy these fake lottery tickets that an be scratch off until they hit the lottery. Easy game for older guests, kids, or other guests who are shy of participating in other regular games.

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3. What is in the Diaper?

If you want to see your guests’ imaginations run wild, this is the game for you! What you need:

1. Pack of diapers

2. Duct tape

3. An assortment of baby products. In addition to everyday items such as bottles and pacifiers, make sure to throw some odd things in to keep people on their toes!

4. Prize or rewards for the winner.


1. Carefully wrap each baby item in a diaper and seal it with duct tape. Make sure you aren’t able to peek inside to see the object.

2. Label each diaper with a number and give your guests a sheet with corresponding numbers.

3. Guests can take their time milling around the diapers and feeling each one. Have them write their guesses on their papers.

4. At the end of the shower, open each diaper to reveal the mystery inside. The attendee who guessed the greatest number of items correctly gets the grand prize!