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Twins! Doubling Diapers - Prepare for Multiples List.

Updated: Dec 24, 2021

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Let's dive into our topic.

Nothing can match the excitement when you find out you are expecting…well, except for finding out you will be having more than one baby! If you are expecting multiples, congratulations! You are part of an elite club. Did you know only 1 in every 250 pregnancies results in twins? Even more astounding, triplets are a 1 in 10,000 occurrences!

When you hear your ultrasound technician say they have found more than one heartbeat, yours may stop for a moment. Your head is swimming with images of mountains of dirty diapers and wrangling multiple car seats, strollers, and bottles at once. Take a moment to absorb the shock – it's completely warranted! Once your new reality has sunk in, it's time to prepare.

Fortunately, generations of 'multiples' moms have compiled all of their best knowledge so you can triumph your twin or triplet twisters. Below, we have listed out our favorite pieces of advice for mastering multiples.


1. Prepare Early.

Once the news settles, it's time to get down to business. It feels backward, but you have to do even more prep work with less time than women expecting singletons. While pregnancy typically lasts 40 weeks or longer, on average, twins come between 35-37 weeks and triplets around 33 weeks. Make sure to plan your baby shower with plenty of time to spare. Additionally, the majority of women delivering multiples end up having 'Caesarean Sections' ( also called C-Section), which prolongs labor recovery. Having all of your supplies, birthing plan, and post-labor aid set up well in advance puts you in the best position possible for a smooth transition into parenthood.

2. Keep an Eye on Your Nutrition.

Growing a human is hard; growing multiple humans at the same time is a superpower! Your body is working in overdrive to keep you and your babies healthy. Experts recommend consuming an additional 300 calories a day per fetus. However, make sure these extra calories are chock full of the nutrients your babies need to grow big and strong! Our NUTRITION DURING PREGNANCY LIST can help!

3. Don't buy everything two.

Many people have the knee-jerk reaction that because you're expecting twins, you will need two of everything. The good news is that is simply not true.

It is not feasible to buy multiples of every baby item, which will eat up all of your space. Instead, take some time to think through what your new routine will look like with your multiples to help determine what items you will and will not need in twos. For example, you will absolutely need two car seats, two high chairs, and eventually two cribs. However, your little ones can share toys, bottles, and more. On top of that, certain products are being revolutionized to accommodate multiples without having to buy multiple.

Here are some of our suggestions:


4. Find a Support Group.

Find your tribe. You are now part of an elite group, and while you have a lot in common with other new moms, only other moms of multiples will understand your unique predicaments. A 2009 study showed that mothers of multiples are 43% more like to experience postpartum depression. Your support group will have incredible insight on navigating life with multiples – more manageable ways to change a diaper with another baby in tow, how to give each baby individual attention, prioritizing your relationship with your partner, and mental health. Sometimes, the biggest help you can get is someone telling you, "yes, this is hard, but you are doing a great job." If you cannot find a support group in your town, check Facebook for virtual support from all over the world! Social media is an incredible resource when it comes to finding groups.

5. Take a Twin Class.

Not only do twin classes connect you with other parents of multiples, but they can provide even more valuable insight on what you can expect. These classes, led by experts, can walk you through details such as creating your birth plan, arranging your finances, and pro tips on handling twins beyond what a regular birthing class would provide you.

6. Find Medical Providers Who Specialize in Multiples.

Multiples result in higher risk pregnancies with greater chances of early births, low birth weights, and dangerous medical conditions such as gestational diabetes, breech positions, and preeclampsia. Furthermore, your multiples will have different developmental milestones than a singleton baby. Having an experienced medical team who is well-versed in the unique caveats of carrying, delivering, and raising multiples will be a tremendous help to you.

7. Set up a schedule.

Double the babies mean double work - double the diaper changes, double the bottles, and double the laundry! And it goes on! Some of the best advice we have for parents of multiples is to set a schedule and stick to it. Having your babies eat, sleep, and bathe simultaneously is the most efficient way to work through your day. Inevitably, some days this schedule will be thrown off by a fussy baby, but keeping your kids as synched up as possible will save you time, effort, and a lot of energy.

Hope these seven tips help you kick start your multiples journey! You got this, Mumma!


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