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Diaper Bag Essentials List!

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

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Let's dive into our topic!

We have a separate blog post that can help you guide through the types of diaper bags on the market and recommends some of the most popular bags amongst new mamas. As far as this list in concerned it t may seem daunting, but it’s better to have something that’s not needed than to not having something needed. As you get more comfortable going out with your baby, you’ll be able to adjust what’s in your diaper bag based on what you find yourself using mostly. And don’t worry we have a separate blog post to guide you with each item choices and selection below. We also have a separate amazon registry for the list below to save you time!


1. Diapers

Amazon’s subscribe & save program works the best for diapers & wipes.


2. Wipes


3. Changing mat


4. Plastic bags for dirty diapers

These disposable bags from Summer and Arm & Hammer can help save your nose and keep your bag clean until you can get to a trash can.


5. Baby bottles or sippy cups


Skip Hop Containers on amazon-$7.99

6. Formula/Breast Milk


7. Breast pads and nipple cream


8. Breast feeding cover up


9. Water bottle for mom

cannot stress how much hydration is important for all mums. These bottles with time markers is good way to know and remind yourself to stay hydrated!


10. A small lunch bag

to keep your water bottle or snacks chilled


11. Pacifier with a protective case / clip on pacifies and pacifier wipes if you prefer.


12. Bibs.


13. Burp cloths

(needed when you carry your little one on shoulder after feeding)


14. Baby blanket


15. Baby toys/rattles

Having these on hand is especially useful when taking your child to a restaurant or somewhere they are going to have to wait.


16. Hand sanitizer

The ones that you can clip onto your bag handle are great and easy to access. Be aware of the ones with loose caps or caps that your baby can easily open. It can result in accidental ingestion or choking. Try to stay away from hand sanitizers with fruity scents that can tempt your baby into tasting it. Hang them away from baby’s reach.


17. First Aid Kit

with a thermometer, bulb syringe, bandages, diaper rash cream, moisturizer, sunscreen, etc.


18. Snacks for baby and mom

Use the diaper trash bags to wrap up any dirty bottles or spoons so they didn’t make a mess in the diaper bag,


19. Extra set of baby clothes

Accidents can and will happen!


20. Face/ hand tissues/ Paper towels

pacifies tissues can work well for this as well.


21. Wallet, keys, sunglasses

make sure to keep both your and your baby’s medical cards and emergency contact information in your wallet!


Click here for the free mumlist app to get this list digitally OR click here for a printable PDF.

You also do not have to carry all of this at once! We recommend making separate, smaller bags (Ziplock’s works best for these) with items you don’t use every time you go out, but still wanted to have them in case. Keep them in your car so the diaper bag you carry will be lighter. When an emergency strikes, you can grab the other essentials easily form your car.

One final pro tip for you: repack your bag when you get home from a trip instead of waiting until you’re ready to leave again. Getting out of the door with little ones can be chaotic. Waiting until you’re in the middle of that chaos to try and remember everything you need to grab can be disastrous. Remember, skydivers always checks their parachutes are ready before the plane leaves the ground! Happy diving!

P.s: In few years diaper bag will turn in to an toddler essentials and then into a little kid essentials bag! A day will come when you will be carrying only your fancy purse and your kids will carry their own essentials on their back. Till then enjoy your 'mommy tote'!

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