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Apps for Newmoms

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

We intend to provide valuable and easy-to-understand information to assist you in your parenting journey. The post may contain affiliate links meaning if you purchase through our links, we may earn a small commission (NO additional cost to you). When publishing this post, prices and availability are accurate and subject to change. For full disclosure, please click here.

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Apps for Post-Partum Life

These are the apps you want to have as you step into your life as a Mumma!.

1. An App for Your Baby Monitor:

Long gone are the days of carting around walkie-talkies or bulky screens. Many baby monitors now come with an accompanying app. These apps allow you to have access to your baby monitor from anywhere. Not only does this scratch something off of your packing list, but it also guarantees you the peace of mind that as long as your phone is in reach, your baby is too.

2. Your Pediatrician's Office App (if any):

Many larger pediatrician offices and chains are putting out their own apps. If your pediatrician offers one, we highly suggest downloading it. These apps store all necessary contact and medical information and often contain excellent resources for common ailments such as diaper rash. Now you can have the convenience of having your doctor on speed dial without the constant phone calls.

Your baby has a packed schedule like a boss. As their resident secretary, you track their meals, diaper changes, sleep, and milestones. That is a lot of notetakings for one person! Plus, if you share responsibilities with your partner or a caretaker, it can be a task in itself to compile everyone's notes together. Now, Baby Tracker is here to do all of that for you. Baby Tracker provides you with one space to log all of your baby's daily activities. Better yet, multiple people can have access to the account, so you never have to worry about missing information! Your pediatrician will love that you have easy access to critical data, and you will love the photo journals you can save on there.

4. Momitations:

Sometimes, there is no other way to put it – parenting is magical mayhem. In addition to it being arguably the most significant lifestyle change, you are also contending with a rollercoaster of emotions fueled by hormones. To stay grounded, it is essential to practice mindfulness. Momitations is here to set you up for success. This app has guided meditations for everything from practicing gratitude to managing anxiety. You can also choose from their collection of sleep music to ensure you are getting quality rest. A few moments of mindfulness with momitation can help reset and restart your entire day. There are also white noises that can be helpful for your baby in the initial months. White noises help drown out pesky sounds that can wake your baby; they can even help lull a fussy baby to sleep.

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