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Hospital Bag List!

Updated: Dec 25, 2021

The last trimester has a way of simultaneously flying by and dragging on. On the one hand, it feels like you’ve been pregnant forever and you’re ready for baby to be here! On the other, you feel like there are simply not enough time to get everything done before the baby arrives. Packing your hospital bag can be daunting. Of course, there are the obvious items to pack, but what about the strange odds and ends you might need? You don’t want to risk forgetting something essential! We have compiled a checklist you can use to easily pack your hospital bag to perfection – and yes, we have included items for your partner too!

You should start packing the basics of your hospital between 32 and 35 weeks, but you can start as early as 28 weeks! Obviously, items such as your toothbrush can wait until the last minute. Make sure you’re leaving any last-minute items somewhere you’ll remember to grab them. Finally, make sure to leave your packed bag somewhere accessible. Going into labor can be chaotic enough, your future self will be thanking you for being prepared!

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For Parents:

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