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First pregnancy vs. second pregnancy

Updated: Dec 25, 2021

Differences You’ll Notice Between Your First and Second Pregnancies

Buckle up, kid – it’s time for round two! It may seem like just yesterday or another life the last time you were holding a pregnancy test. Another rare moment where you can feel your world shift. But now, you may feel like an pregnancy pro at this point, but you could be surprised that your second pregnancy will be markedly different than your first. Curious how? Here are some of the most notable ways your next pregnancy will continue to take you by surprise:

1. You’ll show sooner: In your first pregnancy, you probably couldn’t wait to get that signature bump because that was when it would feel real. The good news is, you will show much sooner in your second and subsequent pregnancies. This perk is due to the fact that your abdominal muscles are now looser from your first pregnancy than they were the first time around. This is why you may also notice you are carrying lower.

2. You will feel more tired this time: There is no doubt your first pregnancy left you exhausted. Unfortunately, in this pregnancy, you will not just be growing a human but also chasing one around! Enlist extra help this pregnancy so you can make sure you are getting the rest you require.

3. You will feel sensations earlier: You probably chalked some early flutters up to gas pains the first time around. However, during your successive pregnancies, you will be able to pick up on kicks and Braxton Hicks even sooner because you know what they feel like. Don’t be concerned – this isn’t a sign that your pregnancy timeline is off or you are going into labor early, just a sign that you are a seasoned veteran!

4. You can sidestep symptoms: You remember your first pregnancy, potentially all too well. If you experienced severe morning symptoms, hemorrhoids, food aversions, headaches, and more in your first pregnancy, you are likely to experience them again. Fortunately, this time you will see them coming. Once you see those two little pink lines, you will know that it is time to hide the food that gags you and stock up on the ones you crave!.

5. Your labor will be faster: In each subsequent pregnancy, you are more likely to move through the delivery phases faster and faster. This phenomenon is thanks to your past pregnancies and labors making your cervix and vaginal tissue less rigid, making dilation and pushing faster and easier.

6.You may take longer to recover from labor: Just as looser muscles make labor easier, they can also delay your recovery. After pregnancy, your uterus muscles are not as tight, so it’s harder for them to contract back to pre-pregnancy positions. Also, your uterus gets larger with each subsequent pregnancy, which means it has further to go before it’s back to normal.

7. Breastmilk will flow easily: For many moms the thought of "breastfeeding allover again" might give cold feet. If you struggled with the milk flow during your first pregnancy, this time you are up for smooth ride. For the same reason, the body know now very well and it will flow in time and in full flow. However if you are struggling with it, not to fret or worry, formula fed babies just do fine as breastfed. Read here for some tips and tricks on breastfeeding. ,

8. Back pain is more common: Your abdominal muscles take a beating during pregnancy as your uterus grows to accommodate your baby. Your abdominal is a corset-like set of muscles that wraps around your midsection and back. When that corset loosens, your spine is not as supported, which is the leading cause of back pain.

9. You should feel calmer: You’re no longer a rookie; you know what to expect and aren’t as scared of what is to come. Also, if you had a difficult first labor, you know what you do and do not want to include in your birth plan this time around.

10. You could experience more complicated emotions: You are solely focused on your new baby during the first pregnancy. In this second pregnancy, it’s common for mothers to feel guilty about splitting their focus between their firstborn and their new baby. You also start to wonder how this new baby will fit in with your family when it feels like you have just found your rhythm. Don’t fret. The minute your second baby gets here, you will find out LOVE DOESN'T DIVIDE; IT MULTIPLIES!

“You also start to wonder how this new baby will fit in with your family when it feels like you have just found your rhythm. Don’t fret. The minute your second baby gets here, you will find out LOVE DOESN'T DIVIDE; IT MULTIPLIES!"


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