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Bottle Feeding Lists:

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

While breastfeeding has its place, it is not always a possibility. Certain medications, illnesses, or surgeries can affect your ability to breastfeed. There is no shame in bottle-feeding your baby. In fact, bottle-feeding allows you to track how much your baby eats at each feeding, feed less often, and allow other family members to bond with your baby during feeding times. For bottle-feeding your baby, make sure to pack the following:

Bottle nipples come in a variety of shapes and flow speeds. Wide nipples are great for transitioning your baby from breast to bottle. Finding the right nipple for your baby requires some trial and error. Check out our post on BABY BOTTLES BASICS for detailed information


If you are bottle-feeding your baby pre-pumped breast milk, it’s handy to have your pump with you. This will ensure a regular supply and that you don’t get caught out of the house in pain! We recommended Medela. Here is our post on 'BREAST PUMP LIST' that provides further information on breast pump and it accessories.


Once you start pumping breast milk on regular schedule, you will need to store the breast milk in fridge in either breast milk storage bags or bottles. Many moms who also produce more milk than their babies can have, they donate it to a breast milk bank. Find more details about such banks here.



4. Formula

If you’re using formula, make sure to pack enough to make a few bottles while you’re out and about. We also have a breakdown of different types of formulas and their details for your information. Check our post on 'BABY FORMULA LIST' that breaks down the different types of formulas and the top formula picks of 2021!


5. Formula Dispenser

Useful on your way out in diaper bags.


6. Thermos/Bottle Warmer.

You will need warm water to make formula. A thermos will come in handy to keep water at room temperature, so it is ready to use when you need it.

Bottle Warmer like Baby Brew are some new designs in market designed to work with specific brands of baby bottles. They are lightweight and compact than a thermos and comes in handy at home or outdoors.


7. Feeding log: a phone app or a mini paper pad with pen

Use this to log and record your feeding times, the quantity of each feeding, the number of wet diapers, and more. Logging your baby’s schedule for the first few months will give you a better idea of what and when you need to be prepared.


8. Burp Cloths


9. Bibs


10. Empty Tray for used bottles

Next comes bottle cleaning and hygiene. Here is a our list on BOTTLE CLEANING LIST for your use.


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