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Top Baby Carriers/ Sling List

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

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Let's dive into our topic!

A baby carrier is a blessing! It frees your hand while keeping your little bundle cuddled around you.

Sling carriers keeps your little one warm and cozy and close to you while you do you things or are on a stroll. When it comes to choosing the right one there are a lot of options as usual. Ergonomically designed organic bamboo fabrics ones are trending these days, but there are also traditional harness type ones which claims high on their safety and posture features!

Here is a list of carriers to choose from.

The first on our list is the Ergobaby Carrier! A trademarked SoftFlex mesh design that brings breathability to the next level as they claim on their carriers. The best part if they have a quiz on their website that tells you which type of carrier is best for you.

You must have already heard about EvenFlow Feeding, famous for its balance bottles (for breastfeeding babies), now also have a number of other baby essential products like the baby carriers. These carriers are less pricy compared to its competitors and have the harness in place to safely carry your little one around.

The flip advanced 4 -in-1 carrier allows to carry your little one front, back, face in or face out. Rated by over 30K users on amazon, this one is surely one of the best on the market.

Famous for being crafted with a soft 3D airy mesh which gives the baby carrier breathability, stability and allows your and your baby to stays pleasantly cool.

Especially designed for hikers to carry your little on the back. This carrier also comes with a sun canopy and some pretty large storage space.

Original Stretchy Infant Sling, Perfect for Newborn Babies. These snug wraps keeps your precious one wrapped around you comfortably.

This is again one of the most loved baby wraps on the market. Versatile use, soft and comfy fabric, machine washable and keeps you and your baby snug.

Wrap type or harness type both serves the same purpose of giving your hands some freedom. Remember these carriers are especially useful at airports if you are travelling with your little one. The wraps also serves as a blanket or swaddle when needed


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