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Maternity Wear Checklist!

Updated: Dec 25, 2021

Many women are tempted to run out and buy out the maternity when they find out they are pregnant. As exciting as this season is, you do not have to rush to replenish your wardrobe!

Chances are, you will be able to continue wearing your current clothes well into your second trimester. Some women do not start showing until much later in their pregnancies, especially if it is there first. You will know when it is time as your bump starts to grow!

On the one hand, you are excited to show off your pregnancy and finally be comfortable again. On the other, you are grappling with your changing body. Do not get too hung up on maternity sizes. Know that it is normal to go up a size or too in maternity clothes from your regular size. It is less important to focus on the number on a tag and more vital to focus on how you look and feel in the clothes. Embrace your body as it performs miracle work. In our opinion pregnancy is the only time you are not ashamed of you gaining weight. Pick out clothes that make you feel your best and let your confidence glow.

“Embrace your body's new weight as it performs miracle.”

Top Things to Consider

1. Trends

In recent years, brands have stepped up their maternity fashion game. Of course, you want cute, stylish clothes. However, we caution you to think long-term. If you are going to be using these clothes for multiple pregnancies to come, debate if the trend you love now will stay in style for years to come. We recommend dialing in on staple, versatile pieces that can work in several outfits and will stand the test of time. Fashionistas do not fret; you absolutely can pick out a handful of trendy, fun pieces to incorporate into your wardrobe. These select pieces will be easy to swap out and replace in future pregnancies without breaking the bank.

2. Closures

Maternity wear is built differently than your everyday fashion. Restrictive fabrics and wrestling with buttons and zippers are not ideal. Stretch is your friend! Look for options made of stretchy or flowing material. Even traditionally restrictive clothing items such as jeans have maternity alternatives with spandex waistband panels to give you a polished look you love with the bump-support you will crave. You may love a classic button-down for the office, but prioritize stocking up on clothes that will grow with your bump.

3. Share, Swap, & Secondhand

Pregnancy is already an expensive time as you gear up for parenthood. Reach out to friends who were recently pregnant and see if they have any pieces they would be willing to loan you. Once you are done using your maternity clothes, you can pass on the favor as well. Also, check out thrift and secondhand stores to find options at a fraction of the price. Recycling clothes is a sustainable option that will have Mother Earth and your wallet thanking you!


When creating your shopping list, do not get overwhelmed! Take a moment to think through what your life will look like through the remainder of your pregnancy. Do you have to dress for an office job? Is your best friend getting married? Will you be braving blizzards? Chances are, you will need a lot less than you think. Below is our checklist of potential categories to shop for:

1. Workwear

It is time to swap out your button-downs for sweaters and those pencil shirts for pants. Maternity workwear is specially designed to accommodate your changing body while still looking professional. The most important tip: test for sheerness! Move around in the dressing room, bend down, stretch and make sure you avoid any embarrassing experiences in the breakroom.

2. Undergarments:

Proper undergarments are key. Your breasts will grow and your old bras may not fit or give you proper support. Additionally, your ribcage will expand as your uterus moves. Opt for wireless options that can double as nursing bras postpartum to get the most bang for your buck.

3. Lounge & Sleepwear:

Comfort is crucial. Especially late in your third trimester, you will not have the patience for anything that irritates you. Create an arsenal of loose t-shirts and buttery leggings. Sleeping is going to get tough, and the right pajamas can make it just a smidge easier.

4. Everyday Clothes & Activewear:

These are the central pieces you will throw on for trips to the grocery store and lunches with friends. Some of your looser tops from your current wardrobe or your new office maternity gear can have this section covered. Also, invest in a quality pair of maternity jeans. Having on “real” clothes after a bout of leggings can help you feel a little normal again. Plus, the elastic waistband of maternity jeans may have you throw out your old ones for good. Finally, if you enjoy working out, most of your activewear can work for you throughout pregnancy, meaning you may only have to buy one new sports bra or splurge on a pair of maternity yoga pants.

5. Seasonal Attire:

Again, you may get to skip this category altogether. This depends on where you live. Keep in mind if you will be pregnant in the thick of winter where you will need a maternity coat to keep warm. Conversely, if you are going to be rocking your bump on the beach, you may need a maternity swimsuit or two.

6. Special Events:

Think through your social calendar. Some of your maternity work dresses may double as cocktail dresses for a wedding. Consider picking up one “fancy” dress or a particularly gorgeous maxi dress that you can grab for special occasions. At the very least, you may want a new outfit for your maternity pictures.

7. Shoes:

Finally, the feet. Pregnancy is a time to stash away the stilettos. Find comfortable, supportive flats and sneakers to be your trusty sidekicks as your feet expand throughout pregnancy.

Need some help shopping for maternity wears? Check out our post on Top Brands For MATERNITY CLOTHES

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